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We can take care of all of your landscaping needs. We provide landscape maintenance for both residential and commercial properties. Our crew and equipment can handle the toughest yards or fields out here in Pueblo and Pueblo West. We love to challenge ourselves so to bring nothing but the best services we can provide. It's really rewarding to us to be able to give some one's landscape a make over where the owner themselves had doubts that it could ever look beautiful again. We love to make eyebrows raise, jaws drop and people gasp after witnessing how we were able to turn their yard into beautiful landscape.

Landscaping Services

Sod Installation

sod installation on lawn project

Laying sod is one of the best ways to hit the reset button on your yard. This process requires the removal of the old grass in order to prepare the underlying soil for the sod to be laid on. Once you use our sod installation services the sod, your lawn will look brand new as if you ordered it out of some gardening catalog. Guaranteed!

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Lawn Edging


Is the perimeter of your garden, walkway or driveway look kind of bland? Did a previous owner try to complete some fancy landscaping project themselves only to have it become an eye sore for the past few years?  Our lawn edging crews can take care of that nasty eye sore and turn it into some thing beautiful for years to come. We can install eye appealing decorative borders using metal, brick or a multitude of timbers. Whatever your preference. We'll get it done!

Mulch Installation

mulch installation

Want to add a little more eye candy around your trees or garden? Luckily there are many mulch manufacturers that create a wide range of different colored mulches. Tired of seeing the same old brown soil in your garden? How about letting us spice it up with a brick red mulch? We are sure that you'll be glad that we did.

Pond Installation


Want to add a little zen to your backyard to create that relaxing atmosphere? Installing a pond will do just that. Why leave your home to get away when you can just go out to your backyard and relax near your own personal pond? Beautiful scenery and the soothing noise of water will help put you in a tranquil state of mind. Sounds like the perfect way to end a rough day.

Sprinkler Installation

two zone sprinkler installation

Tired of having to water your lawn with a garden hose? We've all been there and understand that method can take quite a while. Those who do not have a sprinkler system tend to maintain their lawn less than those who do. It's really hard when life keeps us constantly busy. On the other hand, having a sprinkler system tends to free up that time so you can put up your feet and relax. The plus side is that your yard receives the hydration it needs without you even having to really do any thing. Gotta love automated technology.

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