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Does your lawn look like its been blanketed with thick vegetation? Is your back yelling at you for manually trying to rake it? With our power raking services, your back will be glad that you got a old of us. We'll make easy work of your yard with our power raker. Once we're done, your yard will be able to breathe once again.

What is power raking?

Power raking is where we use a gas powered power raker in order to remove thatch that has built up over time over the surface of the soil.

What is thatch?

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Thatch is mat of stems, roots and dead rhizomes that have interwoven with one another. If there is enough thatch in your lawn. It can potentially suffocate the soil, preventing water, air and nutrients from reaching it.

After we are done power raking your yard we will make sure to clean up any of the mess the power rake may have left behind. If you feel like your lawn has accumulated some pretty thick thatch and it needs to be removed. Give us a call! We'll be glad to help!

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