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Give your landscape a fresh new make over with our sod installation services. Once your entire yard is covered with healthy new sod. Your lawn will look fully fresh and revived. You'll be able to enjoy your new green oasis for many summers to come.

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What is sod?

Sod is natural grass with some soil underneath which is  held together by the root system. Their are no artificial elements making this product completely biodegradable.

Benefits of Having Sod Installed

There are many benefits in doing so. We'll go ahead and list the ones we believe are most important. Installing sod instantly adds value to your home.

  • Sod promotes cooling during hot summer days.
  • Sod helps prevent flooding.
  • Sod improves air and water quality in the immediate area.
  • Preparation before installing sod will eliminate any bumpy terrain.
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Before laying sod. We make sure that we select the perfect type of grass that will thrive in your area. We do this because many types of grass are bred specifically to handle certain conditions. We want to make sure that if we are installing sod that it will be able to survive the climate conditions in your area. Once we have everything in place then the process to begin the install can start. Depending on the size of of your lawn, you can have a brand new looking yard in a matter of hours.

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