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Having an automated sprinkler system installed can add a huge layer of  convenience for you and your family. It will free up your time so you do not have to manually water the lawn yourself. With our sprinkler installation services, you'll be able to use that extra down time to do what ever it is you please. Also, it increases the value of your home and will help conserve water compared to using other methods of lawn watering systems.

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Does your yard seem to have patches of grass that have turned yellow or brown? This can be a sign that the grass in those areas are dying or may be already dead. Usually this is due to your lawn not being able to receive the hydration it needs. Our professionals are able to survey your landscape and can determine what would be the most effective way to get water to to your precious grass. They will do this by creating a custom design that will determine how the sprinkler system will be laid out and installed. In addition, we take into consideration how far each every individual sprinkler head needs to be spaced out from one another. This in ensures that your lawn is receiving maximum coverage in order to prevent dry spots.

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Is the perimeter of your garden, walkway or driveway look kind of bland? Did a previous owner try to complete some fancy landscaping project themselves only to have it become an eye sore for the past few years?  Our crew can take care of that nasty eye sore and turn it into some thing beautiful for years to come. We can install eye appealing decorative borders using metal, brick or a multitude of timbers. Whatever your preference. We'll get it done!

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If you have said or asked any of the following:

  • "Why is there a pool forming in the backyard every time I turn on the water to the sprinkler system!"
  • "Why aren't the sprinklers popping up and shooting out water?"
  • "Why is this sprinkler head trickling water when all the others are working just fine?"
  • "I give up!"

then it sounds like you may need some assistance before getting a little crazy. We completely understand and sympathize with you when your sprinkler system may be going haywire or just not working at all. We've all been there.

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Fortunately, lawn services Pueblo can take care of your sprinkler maintenance and repair needs. If you have not turned on your sprinkler system just yet. Let us activate it correctly by de-winterizing for the summer ahead. We can also winterize your system before next winter comes along as well. This is a pretty important process that all sprinkler systems should undergo. Winterizing the system removes any excess water from the PVC piping that are buried underground. Should water remain in these pipes. There is a huge possibility that the water will freeze, expand and end up damaging them. It would suck having to pull out extra money for repairs. Especially when all that was needed was proper preventative maintenance to be performed on the system.


We can also take care of any leaks or broken sprinkler heads. We'll take the necessary steps in identifying what the problem is and how to solve it with out having you pay outrageous sums of money. Again, we would like to reiterate that we are in the business to build long lasting relationships with our customers. We will do what ever it takes to earn your trust.

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